Style and Substance is Timeless

CEO? Industry thought leader? Running a non-profit organization? Unless you work in fashion or related industry, most likely you do not have the time to think about what you need to wear before dashing out the door to a personal appearance or media interview. You are being called to the table because of Who You Are and What You Have To Say. This blog post is for you.

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Style and Substance is Timeless (Video Transcript):

Tip #1. Organize your Closet by Color. I promise you this will make dressing to go, so much easier. Organizing your closet by color will clear up clutter, allowing you to breathe. This also gives a clear view on what your choices are. Also, when you do this exercise you will quickly “see” your options as well as your color preferences. If everything is monochrome, i.e. black, grey or navy, you may want to add in some accent colors to bring some diversity to your wardrobe options. If there’s a color you love, one that everyone compliments you on when you wear it – DO make sure you have an option or two where this color dominates your look.

Tip #2. One Piece Dressing. I am a huge fan of the shift /sheath dress. It’s easy; you only need to grab one piece from your closet and its almost universal in appeal. Splurge on good fabric, Italian wool blends / Merino wool blended with spandex to shape over your silhouette.

Make sure the FIT/CUT is right for you. Always check the shoulder seam for fit and check the length. I’m a shorty at 5′ 2” so I have a tailor that I pretty much take everything to. In a pinch, your local dry-cleaner usually has seamstress service and for a fee will do quick last minute simple hem jobs.

Also on fit, never size too small – nothing makes you look uncomfortable and bunchy than a tight fit. Go a size bigger if you have to and get the dress tailored down to fit your shape. No matter how much it’s reduced on Gilt, do not buy a dress that’s too small! You can take it in, but it’s almost impossible to make it bigger!

Tip #3. One Key Accent Piece. This is where your style statement is made. Add a statement piece of jewelry or scarf or even bracelet to make the look your own and to add some visual interest. Remember, less is more when it comes to accessories. If you ask yourself, “is this too much,” than it probably is.

Who you are and what you have to say is important. Your style is what people see first. I hope these tips help you find your inner confidence. Being comfortable in your skin communicates a style that is always a fashion DO.



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